Speed Mac

Speed-Mac is a portable radar sensor designed to provide speed data for traffic studies and smart work zones. The innovative design of packaging the components in a standard barricade light allows the user to attach the Speed-Mac to any traffic control device. Combined with Ver-Mac’s exclusive JamLogic software, Speed-Mac provides a very robust but low-cost speed data gathering system.


  • Portable radar packaged in barricade light
  • Modem with GPS for remote monitoring through JamLogic
  • Compact battery and charging system
  • Connect to device battery/solar system
  • Quick and easy deployment (3 min or less)
  • Autolocates other Speed-Macs


Ver-Mac’s Speed-Mac is designed to be set up quickly for daily lane closures or nighttime asphalt paving applications. Simply attach to any traffic control device with power and point towards traffic, and Speed-Mac instantly begins gathering speed data.

  • Speed-Mac will automatically autolocate other Speed-Macs to begin sequencing speed data.
  • Thanks to an algorithm preprogrammed into JamLogic, the system will instantly begin automating slow or stopped traffic messages.


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