Sirocco 2-M 4×1000 W Halogen

Sirocco 2-M 4 x 1000 W HA Halogen – Durable & Reliable

Lighting Data:Sirocco-4K-HMI-lighting-graph-2012

Maximum Lighted Area 32,000 sq.ft.
Lit Area With 10 Lux Min. 17,000 sq.ft.
Light Under Unit At 10ft 72 fc
Maximum Lumens 108,000 lm
Color Temperature 3,200 K



Electrical Features:

Number of Lamps 4
Type Of Lamps Halogen
Power Per Lamp (Watts) 1,000 W
Average Lamp Life 300 hours
Efficiency 27 lm/W
Type Of Lamp R7S
Maximum Power (Watts) 4,000 W
Available Voltages 110v or 220v 50 ˜ 60Hz
Ballasts No (Direct Plug-in)
Restrike Hot Restrike
Required Generator 5KvA


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