Sirocco 2-M 2×1000 W Halogen

It Works. Wherever You Work.

The Sirocco 2K HA offers the fastest setup in the Sirocco lineup.  And, to go along with fast setup, you get the flexibility to move around the jobsite, since there’s no ballast to keep you from moving around quickly.  2000 Watts of high-quality glare-free 360° Airstar light wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

-Internal Reflector Increases Output By 30%.  Sirocco-2K-HA-lighting-graph-2012
-Envelope Fabric Is Rain And Dust Proof.
-Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly.
-Variety Of Mounting Solutions Available.
-Quick Setup In Any Situation.
-Internal Fan For Quick And Easy Inflation.
-Great For Year-Round Use. Works Well In Extreme Heat And Extreme Cold.
-Hot Re-strike. When You Move, The 2K Is Ready In An Instant.

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