Rumble Strips

Alerts drivers to temporary work zones, flagger operations and safety check points

In work zone accidents, more drivers are injured or killed than construction workers. The TrafFix Alert Rumble Strip is designed alert drivers to changing road conditions. It can significantly reduce the major causes of work zone accidents, injuries, and fatalities. More importantly, this rumble strip “alerts” distracted drivers with sight, sound, and sensation awareness notifying them of the changing conditions ahead.

Easy to Use

The TrafFix Alert assembles quickly and easily, one person can set up multiple rumble strips in a very short time without the need of 2″x4″ board assistance. With its plyable rubber and jigsaw connectors, the TrafFix Alert provides easy connection of strips at any time. It can be assembled in-line or offset for additional driver awareness. The bi-directional ramp eliminates the need to correctly align the strip on the roadway.

Large handle accommodates a gloved hand for balanced carry and drop. The jigsaw ends double as handles for easy positioning and dragging, both on and off the roadway. One complete set of 3 strips weighs 72 lbs. versus competitors 99+ lbs. To remove from the roadway, simply grab the end nearest the shoulder and drag. With its molded-in stacking lugs, the TrafFix Alert can be easily stacked in the bed of a truck. These stacking lugs also help to stabilize the rumble strips during transport to and from the job site.

Multiple Colors

The TrafFix Alert comes in Black, Orange, or White. The Orange strips can be mixed with Black or White strips to enhance long site distance visibility to the motorist.


Rumble strip to be made of recycled rubber for maximum durability and adherence to the roadway in all weather conditions. Each strip to be 46.5″ long x 12″ wide x 1″ height. Three strips will accommodate a 12′ wide lane. Bidirectional ramp eliminates orientation of the strip to the roadway. Pliable jigsaw connections on each end of strip allows for easy connection of one strip to another. Jigsaw connections allow for in-line or staggered connection. Each strip to weigh no more than 24 lbs. A complete set of three (3) strips not to exceed 72 lbs. Each strip to have a cut-out carrying handle large enough to accommodate a gloved hand. Two stacking lugs on each strip provide for easy stacking and stability during transport. Rumble strip is available in black, orange, or white. Color can be used to provide additional visibility to oncoming motorists.

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Black, White, Orange