The legendary PD-55. For nearly forty years, the PD-55 and its predecessor the PD-50 have been the productivity leaders in post driving. At just 54 pounds, the brutally tough PD-55 is capable of handling your toughest applications quickly and efficiently. The PD-55 is ideally suited for driving t-posts, ground rod, tent stakes, grape stakes, delineator posts, form pins and fence posts up to 3 3/4”.

Model: PD-55 Medium Duty Post Driver
Model Number: 070013
Equipped With: 3-7/8″ (98.4mm) I.D. Master Chuck
Air Consumption: 42 CFM @ 90psi (1.19m3/min @ 6.21Bar)
Weight: Approx. 54.6lbs. (24.8kg)

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