FG 300 Turnpike Grade Curb System

The FG 300 Turnpike Grade Curb System is a raised lane separator with durable upright channelizer posts that provide efficient and cost-effective channelization of traffic on managed Lanes, 2-way 2-lane work Zones, and other areas where discontinuous channelization is desired.


The picket fence effect divides lanes going in the same direction or opposite direction in high-speed, high-volume applications where continuous curb is too costly or not needed.  Use where pavement markings alone are not sufficient to safely channelize traffic.

Features of the FG 300 Turnpike Grade Curb System

  • Low maintenance; super-tough polyurethane posts impact tested at 70 MPG/112 km/h
  • Engineering polymer allows for superior toughness at all temperature extremes
  • Engineered to stand up to the toughest of conditions
  • Only requires 4 bolts per unit; quick and easy to install
  • Installs with bolts – or adhesive for temporary projects
  • Only curb and post combination warranty in the industry: 5-year limited pro-rated warranty on curb unit; 1-year warranty on the EFX upright post
  • MUTCD-compliant and NCHRP 350 approved (FHWA Letter #WZ-282)
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