FASTRACC Non-Gating, Redirective Crash Cushion

The NCHRP 350 TL-3 FASTRACC™ is a non gating, redirective crash cushion designed for higher speed applications. The FASTRACC System’s additional capacity can protect motorists in head-on impacts up to 70 mph (113 kph). The FASTRACC is made out of galvanized steel and measures 26′ in length. The open design of this crash cushion facilitates easy installation, inspection, and repair. Additionally, these units are shipped fully assembled to save installation time (can be shipped un-assembled upon request). This cushion can be installed on a new or existing concrete or asphalt pad.

The FASTTRACC Systems are redirective, non-gating and can be installed in uni-directional or bi-directional applications.

Transitions are available for easy attachment to:

  • Concrete barrier
  • Bridge parapets
  • Bridge piers
  • W-beam
  • Thrie-Beam


  • 24″ width
  • Can protect at speeds up to 70 mph
  • Galvanized all-steel construction
  • No cartridges or black boxes
  • Only visual maintenance required unless impacted
  • Multiple speed options
  • NCHRP Report 350 TL 3 compliant
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