Big Sandy Crash Barrels

The TrafFix Devices “Big Sandy” is a temporary sand barrel style crash cushion that is easy to move and provides external verification of the barrels correct weight of sand. This Impact Attenuator/Crash Cushion Sand Barrel has been tested and certified to meet the crash worthy requirements of NCHRP 350 TL-3 as  Non-Redirective System. “Big Sandy” Sand Barrels go above and beyond these requirement to provide the best in highway safety.


  • Different barrel configurations are used to create all of the weights used in current standard array geometries (200, 400, 700, 1400, and 2100 lbs)
  • External sand weight verification is easy – use the right barrel configuration barrel to obtain the correct weight
  • Each “Big Sandy” Barrel is a made from a single piece of Polyethylene Plastic to eliminate sand leakages – No Edge Seals
  • No cone inserts for easy shipping, storing, and installation
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