Barrier Buster Sign Stand

The Barrier Buster from TrafFix Devices is made of durable powder coated steel with heavy duty T-pins and hardened steel points. The Barrier Buster designed for quick and easy setup and removal and is ideal for sort term applications and highway conditions where shoulder space is limited. The Barrier Buster is available with Little Buster (steel) or Big Buster (aluminum) Mast, Springs and Sign Mounting Brackets, or as “Clamp Only.”

The Barrier Buster safely displays 48″ × 48″ or smaller rigid or roll-up signs and will accept most other manufacturers dual vertical coil spring stand components.

The Barrier Buster Concrete Barrier Clamp is designed with 3 holes that will accept Little Buster and Big Buster Springs and most other manufacturer’s springs and components. The Barrier Busters T-pins are designed with hardened steel points for added stability and security when attaching the Barrier Buster to a concrete barrier wall.

Barrier Buster

#29012-S 12″ Clamp:
5½” to 12″ wide Jersey-style concrete barrier
#29015-S 15″ Clamp
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