Green Cross Product Line:

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Green Cross Product Line
Improve Pedestrian Safety
Every day pedestrians are at risk when crossing the street. There are approximately 5,000 pedestrian deaths per year in the United States. This is an alarming problem that needs to be addressed with durable, low cost safety solutions.
The Green Cross Safety system is able to quickly get a drivers attention by utilizing fluorescent yellow green on the In-Street Pedestrian Signs. Our vertical panels and bases are easy to use and there is something available for every budget.
These products include:
  • Self-righting Yield-to-Pedestrian on fixed or portable rubber bases
  • Self-righting STOP-for-Pedestrian on fixed or portable rubber bases
  • Lightweight School Advance In-Street Warning Signs to highlight crosswalk areas
  • Reflective STOP paddles
  • Reflective red STOP flags

In-street pedestrian crossing signs have the greatest safety impact when used during peak pedestrian use. The Green Cross system is most effective on unsignalized low-speed two-lane streets. The mobility of the Green Cross system allows it to be taken in and out of the street during the school day.

Base Options (PDF)
Specifications (PDF)
Install Procedures (PDF)

Green Cross Base Options

Within the Green Cross system there are several mounting options for different condition. All bases are designed to withstand the rigors of the field including vehicle impacts and extreme weather conditions.

FG 300 Fixed Base
FG 300 Fixed Base
The 300 base is for fixed installations where the post and base will remain on the road surface for an extended period of time. Bases are constructed of a UV-stable high-impact plastic. Safety posts are mounted to the base with two nylon locking pins. Posts are secured to the roadway with either epoxy or bolts.

FG 300 10lb Round Portable Base
FG 300 10lb Round Portable Base
The 10 lb rubber base is for use in situations where the base and post are moved on and off the road surface repeatedly. This base is lighter weight and can be moved easily.

FG 300 35lb
FG 300 35lb "Banana" Portable Base
A rubber base for demanding applications; it has the weight to support the larger crosswalk signs. For an added convenience the 35 lb base features a recessed handle, which makes picking up and moving it a snap. Bases also nest together for easy storage during transport.