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Amber Lights:

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MUTCD 2011 - SECTION 6F.83

Warning Lights

The light weight and portability of warning lights are advantages that make these devices useful as supplements to the retroreflectorization on hazard warning devices. The flashing lights are effective in attracting a driver's attention and, therefore, provide an excellent means of identifying the hazard.

As used herein, warning lights are portable, lens-directed, enclosed lights. The color of the light emitted shall be yellow. They may be used in either a steady-burn or flashing mode. Warning lights shall be in accordance with the current ITE Purchase Specification for Flashing and Steady-Burn Warning Lights.12

12 Included in the Equipment and Material Standards of the Institute of Transportation Engineers Publication No. ST 017; 525 School Street, S.W., Suite 410, Washington, D.C. 20024. Telephone: 202-554-8050.

Warning lights shall have a minimum mounting height of 30 inches to the bottom of the lens. Type A low-intensity flashing warning lights are most commonly mounted on barricades, drums, vertical panels, or advance warning signs, and are intended to warn drivers that they are approaching or in a hazardous area.

Type A low intensity flashing warning lights and Type C steady-burn warning lights shall be maintained so as to be visible on a clear night from a distance of 3,000 feet. Type B high intensity flashing warning lights shall be maintained so as to be visible on a sunny day, when viewed without the sun directly on or behind the device from a distance of 1,000 feet.

Type B high-intensity flashing warning lights are normally mounted on advance warning signs or on independent supports. Extremely hazardous site conditions within temporary traffic control zones may require that the lights be effective in daylight as well as dark. They are designed to operate 24 hours per day. Flashers shall not be used for delineation, as they would tend to obscure the desired vehicle path.

Type C steady-burn lights are intended to be used to delineate the edge of the traveled way on detour curves, on lane changes, on lane closures, and on other similar conditions.

Vehicle Mounted

L10 Series
L10 Series

Installation Guide
Class 1 LED Beacons are cost effective while lasting 50 times longer than strobe beacons! Never has it been a better time to change to 21st Century technology which will provide you the benefit of 50 times the rated life of strobe. These completely solid-state beacons are covered by an end user direct 5 year warranty. Make your vehicles shine with these high quality, affordable LED beacons ... all proudly Made in the USA.
    • L10 meets SAE J845, Class 1
    • High and Low dome
    • Amber Only
    • SignalAlert™ 75 default flash pattern.
    • Eighteen total flash patterns including steady-burn.
    • Permanent mount
    • 5 year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional warranty.
    • 12V or 24V models
    • 6-13/16" (172mm) H x 6-3/8" (161mm) Dia

RB6 Series
RB6 Series
RB6 Series
RB6 Series

Installation Guide(PDF)
Product Bulletin(PDF)
RB6 Series
Rota-Beam RB6 is a versatile, mid-sized beacon, perfect for utility, maintenance, fire and rescue applications. Its straightforward relampable design is easy to intall and easy to service.
    • Dual reflector model, 65 RPM produces 130 FPM for a longer "on time" light
    • Single parabolic reflector beacon, 150 RPM produces 150 FPM
    • Unique motor assembly with precision double roller ball bearings provides superior performance with less friction, minimal noise and ultimate reliability.
    • Parabolic reflectors, designed by computer sterolithography, have dramatically increased light intensities with greater optic spread.
    • Polycarbonate domes are sealed to base with weather-resistant "O" ring gasket.
    • Non-corroding bases are offered in both 1" NPT pipe mount and concelaed permanent flat mount, in the same unit. No additional flanges or mounting collars are required.
    • Optional magnetic mount kit with cord and cigar plug.
    • Three year warranty on motar assembly.
    • Meet and exceeds S.A.E. and California Title XIII and NFPA 1901 requirements for emergency vehicles.
    • Not available in green or clear. Consider an LED beacon for these warning needs.
    • Single Reflector
    • Lamp Type: Snap-in style 50 Watt halogen lamp
    • Peak Current (amps): 3.9a
    • Flash Rate (FPM): 150
    • Beam Candlepower: 70,000
    • Ambient Temprature: -30°F (-34°C) to +120°F (+49°C)
    • Weight: 1.b. 5oz. (.55kg) RB6T*P

    • Double Reflector
    • Lamp Type: Snap-in style 60 Watt halogen lamp
    • Peak Current (amps): 5a
    • Flash Rate (FPM): 130
    • Beam Candlepower: 50,000
    • Ambient Temprature: -30°F (-34°C) to +120°F (+49°C)
    • Weight: 1.b. 7oz. (.64kg) RB6T*P
    • Voltage: 12V DC
    • Size 6 1/2" (165mm) H x 7 3'8" (187mm) Dia

2022 Series
2022 Series
2022 Series
2022 Series

Installation Guide 2022 Model
Product Bulletin
2022 Series
    • Fully enclosed base: Whether you choose the sturdy polycarbonate base or the cast aluminum base model, all strobe power supplies are encased within the base itself for added protection against moisture and vibration.
    • Silicone coated power supplies: For added protection against the elements, all strobe power supplies are double dipped in a uniquely formulated silicone mixture before being secured into the base enclosure.
    • External flange mount, internal "secure" mount, or pipe mount all in one: All 2000 Series strobe beacons come standard with the base that allows you to either:
      1. Externally mount the beacon with a sturdy built-in flange
      2. Knock out three holes for permanent "secure mount", or
      3. pipe mount via a built-in 1' pre-threaded base.
    • Interchangeable optic domes: High dome strobe beacons are equipped with single lens optics to optimize their light output. All beacons utilize the same low and high domes for ease of interchangeability.
    • Easy access for modular parts replacement
    • Warranty: All 2000 Series strobe products offer a two year warranty on all strobe power suplies, and a six month warranty on all flash tubes.
    • 12/24V DC operation.
    • Multiple flast patterns and Hi/Low intensity control available (Models 2015 & 2022)
    • Low current consumption, reverse polarity protection.
    • Large diameter, 7mm xenon flash tube easily plugs in for single field replacement (U=shaped or 1-1/2" turn helix design)
    • Modular electronic assembly is removalbe as a single unit. Uses 1/2 power of most rotating lights
    • Fully enclosed, molded polycarbonate base or die cast aluminum base depending on model selected.
    • Tough, shatter-resistant polycarbonate double fresnel lenses provide optically correct 360° light dispersion. Availbe in high or low profile, in all five safety colors.
    • Knock-out holes in base for concelaed, tamper-proof mounting.
    • Standard base includes both recessed 1" pipe and flat mount.

    • SAE Classifications:
      • SAE Class 1 Strobe Beacon (amber & clear only)
      • SAE Class 2 Strobe Beacon (red, blue & green)
    • Input Power: 22 Watts
    • Output Power: 15 Watts; 13 Joules
    • High/Low Intensity Feature: Manual Hi/Low operation is standard
    • Quint Flash: 72 FPM (default pattern)
    • Double Flash: 115 FPM
    • Modu-Flash: 150 / 370 / 150 variable FPM
    • Action Flash: A unique combinatin of Quint & Single Flash (To make a chice from the QuintFlash factory default pattern, simply cut the specified jumper on the strobe power supply)
    • Amperage Draw: 1.7 amps / 12 Volt; .85 amps / 24 Volt
    • Base Material: Polycarbonate or Case Aluminum

Work Zone Lighting

2022 Series
Solar Version Also Available!
    • Fully compliant with MUTCD Specifications 6E-5
    • Fully compliant with ITE Purchase Specifications for High Intensity Warning lights
    • State of the Art circuitry ensures years of trouble free operation
    • Efficent design ensures long battery life - up to 4+ months
    • Operates on either 2 or 4 D-Cell Batteries
    • Macimum circuit efficiency taranslates into maximum intensity
    • 360° swivel base
    • Weatherproof
    • High Impact Polypropylene base and Polycarbonate Lens
    • Available in Amber / Red / Blue / White
    • Light Source: High Intensity LED
    • Flash Rate: 65 FPM ± 10%
    • Intensity: Exceeds 36 CD
    • Viewing Distance: 1+ Km
    • Power Supply: 2 or 4 1.5v D Alkaline Cells. 12 Alkaline D cells with optical bases
    • Operating Cycle: 200 / 400 / 1200 hours
    • Model Available: Automatic Operation - Flashing day and night
    • Lens: High Impact Optical Polycarbonate with UV protection
    • Base: High Impact Polypropylene with UV protection
    • Dimensions: 195mm x 90mm x 235mm
    • Weight: 0.78kg

2022 Series
Solar Mavericks
    • Fully compliant with MUTCD Specification 6E-5
    • Fully compliant with ITE Specifications for Flashing and Steady Burn Warning Lights
    • Solar Powered - No service or maintenance expenses
    • State of the Art photovoltaic technology with on board back-up capability
    • High Impact Housing between the lenses absorbs impact to help reduce breakage and replacement costs
    • Non-polluting Enviornmentally friendly
    • Eliminates costly battery disposal which become a bigger issue in years to come
    • Operation life up to 5 years
    • 180° swivel base
    • Weatherproof
    • High Impact Polypropolene Body & Polycarbonate lens
    • Dual Modes - Flashing & Steady Burn
    • Available in Amber
    • Light Source: High Intensity LED
    • Flash Rate: 65 FPM ± 10%
    • Intensity: Exceeds min. 3 CD Steady Burn & 4CD Flashing
    • Viewing Distance: 3000+ Feet
    • Solar Panel: 0.4 W
    • Power Supply: Rechargable Lead Acid
    • Operating Cycle: 200 / 400 / 1200 hours
    • Model Available: Automatic Operation - Flashing day and night
    • Lens: High Impact Polycarbonate with UV protection
    • Base: High Impact Polypropylene with UV protection
    • Operating Time: 5 Nights on a single charge. Automatic turn on when ambient light falls below 215 lux
    • Dimensions: 183mm x 90mm x 325mm
    • Weight: 0.95kg