Roadside Delineators:

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FG 400 & 500 Series Guide Posts
Studies have shown the 24% of all the fatal crashes that occur on 2-lane roads are the result of single vehicle run-off-the-road crashes. Flexi-Guide posts can be placed at critical points along roadways at winding curves, near intersections and on and off ramps to identify safety hazard areas.

In all kinds of weather, the Flexi-Guide 400 & 500 posts are highly visible, day and night. The posts clearly delineate the edge of the roadway with bright reflective sheeting mounted on the posts at eyes level. Our post markers are durable enough for years of use in extreme cold or hot desert sun. All Flexi-Guide products are approved by the US/DOT FHWA for use on all federal highway projects.

Key Features:
  • The first posts to exceed field performance standers using recycled polymers!
  • Superior outdoor weather-ability and UV stabilized
  • Select form Engineering Grade, High Intensity or Super High Intensity sheeting to met state specifications and provide superb nighttime visibility
  • Available in various lengths and colors
  • Soil anchor systems are available
  • Custom orders include colors and message decals for utility markers