Parking Lot:

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Heavy Duty Wheel Chock (2048WC)
Wheel Chock with Chain (2048WCC)
Wheel Chock
Most popular design rubber wheel chock affords maximum durability and skid protection. Especially under adverse weather conditions.
Zinc-plated eye bolt. Weighs 9lbs.

Products Available:
  • 2048C - 12' #10 Jack Chain
  • 2048WC - Heavy Duty Wheel Chock
  • 2048WCC - Wheel Chock with 12' Chain

4' Striped Parking Block (2049PB)
Parking Block
Maintenance free. Recycled rubber will not warp, crack or rot. Resistant to oil, UV and moisture. Stands up in wide temperature extremes. Painted yellow stripes are reflective. Easily installed by one person. 36" block requires 2 spikes, 48" block requires 3 spikes and 72" block requires 4 spikes. Spikes are sold separately.

Products Available:
  • 2049PB - 4' Parking Block/Striped Yellow, Rubber
  • 2050PB - 6' Parking Block/Striped Yellow, Rubber
  • 2057PB - 3' Striped Yellow Parking Block

4' Striped Speed Bump (2045SB)
Speed Bumps
Maintenance free. Extremely durable recycled rubber will not warp, crack or rot. Withstands wide temperature extremes. Painted with polyurethane yellow reflective paint. Built in catseye reflectors for added visibility. Two 1.25" underside channels allow for cables and provide drainage. 48" speed bump requires 3 spikes, 72" speed bump requires 4 spikes. Good fer weights up to 6000 lbs. Spikes sold separately.

Products Available:
  • 2051SB - 4' Speed Bump with Reflectors
  • 2052SB - 6' Speed Bump with Reflectors
  • 2054SB - 4' Striped Yellow/Speed Bump Rubber
  • 2055SB - 6' Striped Yellow/Speed Bump Rubber
  • 2056SB - 3' Striped Yellow Speed Bump Rubber


2053S - 14" Spike, Painted