FG 300 Curb System:

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FG 300 Curb System

The Danger at Rail Crossings
In the US in 2004, over 350 people were killed and over 1,000 seriously injured in 3,000 highway-rail grade crossing collisions. Nearly half of all vehicle/train collisions occur at crossings with active warning devices (gates, lights, bells). Innovative traffic control devices, like our FG 300 Curb System, are required to address the need for greater safety at the rail crossings in your community.

Safety Improvements in Quiet Zones with Whistle Ban
The recent "Train Horn" Rule now requires "Supplemental Safety Measures" at grade crossings to prevent motorists from driving around gates. The FG 300 Curb System is a Median Separation system than permits safe and effecient operation of rail and highway traffic over at-grade rail crossings. The system provides an economical median barrier system for restricting motorists from driving around lowered crossing arms.

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