FG 300 Base Options:

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Surface Mount Bases

DP 200 Round Channelizer Post
FG 300 Lite Black Fixed Base
  • Standard fixed base for general purpose installations
  • Installs easily to road surface with epoxy and bolts

DP 200 EFX City Posts
FG 300 Heavy Duty Colored Base
  • Extra touch base for more demanding applications
  • Available in yellow, white, fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow-green for added visibility

DP 200 EFX City Posts
FG 300 Invisi-Base, Flush Mount Base
  • Designed to be used in two different applications
  • Mounts flush to the pavement
  • Rubber curb Retro-fit
  • 1/4 turn fastener for quick install
  • Remove post and use winter cover to accommodate snow plow operations

DP 200 EFX City Posts
FG 300 Metro Base
  • A slimmed down version of the standard 5.5" base
  • Available in white, yellow, and orange
  • Ideal for use in parking garages, tunnels and barrier wall delineation

Portable Bases

DP 200 EFX City Posts
FG 300 35# Heavy Duty Rubber "Banana Base"
  • Two recessed handles for easy transport
  • Unique fixed metal base plate design for stability and durability
  • Easy assembly - quick release pins attach posts into place in seconds
  • Two banana shaped grooves simply stacking and storage
  • No additional ballast required
  • Withstands multiple impacts
  • Smaller footprints than barrels
  • Environmentally friendly. Constructed of recycle rubber tires and polymer binders

DP 200 EFX City Posts
FG 300 10# Portable Rubber "Cookie Base"
  • Designed to more on and off the road frequently
  • The lighter weight makes this base ideal for school crosswalks as it is easily moved and placed each day.

Ground Mount Base

DP 200 EFX City Posts
FG 300 Ground Mounted Roadside Delineator Posts
  • Easy to install. Can be driven by hand or with a machine using common tools.
  • The economical anchor is easy to clean, highly durable and 100% re-usable.
  • Achor is a commonly usd 2" square PSST.
  • Single pin in achor allows for quick and easy replacement of post.
  • Anchor can be easily shortened in the field when rocks or hard soil are present.