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Woven Geotextiles:

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TerraTex Woven Geotextiles are designed and manufactured for many construction applications. They perform the three primary functions of a geotextile: Separation (separating the native subgrade from an aggrgate layer); Reinforcement (reinforcing an area by distributing weight over a wider area); and Filtration (retaining soil while allowing the passage of water). TerraTex Woven Geotextiles are moade of polypropylene filaments which are formed into a stable network such that they retain their relative position. A range of geotextiles is offered to meet the requirements of various applications.


TerraTex GS
Industry-standard geotextile that performes the functions of separation and stabilization in marginal soil conditions. Grab tensile strength of 200lbs.
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TerraTex HD
Grab tensile strength of 315 lbs. Meets specifications set forth by AASHTO M288 for stabilization
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TerraTex SF-D
High strength silt fence fabric that meets FHWA, AASHTO, and many state DOT specifications for controlling sediment runoff.
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TerraTex EP
Monofilament fabric which meets or exceeds the standard specifications of the Crops of Engineers for controlling the scouring of native soils behind embankments and slope protection structures.
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TerraTex EP-10, EP-12, EP-20, EP-43
Monofilament fabric which has very high permeability and percent open area characteristics.
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