Lighting Equipment:

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WLTC - Portable Light Tower
Not just another light tower, Wanco light towers use state-of-the-art technology to achieve superior illumination -- exceeding government regulations for worksite illumination. With four 1000-watt light fistures atop a 30-foot variable height mast, Wanco light towers shine a uniform light pattern across the entire job site.
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WLTS - Solar Light Tower
In applications where noise is an issue, silent power is the only option. Wanco portable solar towers provide light without noise, and without an external power supply. The energy efficient LEDs on these light towers are powered by batteries, which are charged automatically via adjustable solar panels.
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Luminaire Solar LED Lighting
High-output LED lighting is a highly efficient, green solution. Easy to install, with no trenching and no connections to the grid, the Wanco Luminaire economically and effectively lights parking lots, sidewalks, remote locations and other outdoor areas.
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Single LED Light, 10 Watts, 800 Lumens
Flagger Station & Work Area Lighting
Portable, lightweight area lighting with extended run time. Safely illuminate flagger or personal work area. More Info